Stop the closure of the Vegreville Case Processing Centre

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On October 27, 2016 the Federal Government advised staff that the Vegreville Case Processing Centre (CPC) was closing and that 280 jobs would relocate to the City of Edmonton.

The Vegreville CPC is the largest employer in the community and the decision was made with no consultation with the Town, no economic impact assessment and no understanding of the impact to local residents.

At a time when Alberta’s economy is already struggling, this is a tremendous blow to the community.  The workers at the CPC represent almost 10% of the Town’s entire workforce.

The decision to close the CPC is completely at odds with the government’s campaign pledge to “… strengthen our communities by investing in the things that make them good places to live.”

Please support our campaign to keep the CPC in Vegreville and request that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister, Ahmed Hussen reconsider this decision and keep these jobs here.

The closure of the Case Processing Centre in Vegreville will have devastating effects on our community. Help us reverse this decision!

  1. Call
    Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen @ 613.954.1064

  1. Write a letter
    or send an e-mail to Minister Hussen